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I completed the coaching certification process through CTI (Co-Active Training Institute). I hold a degree in finance and economics from McGill University and after working in marketing and human resources for many years I returned to study processes of transition and acculturation, obtaining a Masters in Latin American studies from NYU. My interest has always centered on coping with transition and change. Coaching seemed like a natural progression as I had become a trusted advisor for colleagues and friends, helping them through personal, creative, and professional challenges. 

Shortly after I completed my Masters degree, we started a family. A path that seemed so clear before was upended by my new desire to be home and raise our kids. After ten years, I found myself yearning for more – an identity separate from motherhood. I was ready for change yet paralyzed by how daunting it all seemed and how difficult it was to follow through on something new. I knew that coaching was for me, but it required gaining awareness and action to see it through. 

Since my certification begun, I have been coaching mostly women and artists. Based in New York city, I coach over the phone, in person or even over a walk in Central Park. 

I coach in English and Spanish.

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